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     Immediately after his tenure at North Carolina State University, Lee began consulting for the Sun Belt Conference. 

     During the basketball season, he would visit each campus and evaluate them in these major areas: facilities, game-day experience (to increase attendance), identifying additional revenue opportunities, marketing to increase season and day of event ticket sales and scheduling RPI.  He met with various staff members, including head coaches, to gain an understanding of current issues facing the program from various perspectives.  

     After analyzing the data and interpreting the feedback, he was able to communicate his findings to each Athletic Director, CEO and the Conference Commissioner to make recommendations accordingly.  The most immediate and tangible result was the Sun Belt Conference's RPI improving from 24th to 19th in 2012. Fowler also assisted Conference coaches with improved scheduling and/or identification of opportunities with exempt events.  Additionally, he attended the Conference Basketball Tournament to evaluate and offer suggestions for improvement to grow the event.

       Fowler conferred regularly during the season with members of the NCAA Men's Basketball Committee to discuss and promote Conference teams.

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